On any project there is 3 main factors that influence final decisions and ultimately affect the bottom line.

"Our team is always ready to assist"


You may be asking yourself why use a sourcing agent instead of getting quotes myself. Below is the top reasons why to choose us:

  1. Save Time& increase your productivity

    It’s our job to find you the best supplier who will get you the best product at the best price. This allows you and your company to focus on your business interests instead of wasting time shopping around and sourcing things from a different business industry you may not be familiar with.

  2. Established network of suppliers

    Over the years we have built up a vast network of reputable suppliers who are leaders in their industry. You can rest assured that whatever you need to source we will deliver on time, on budget and of the quality you expect.

  3. Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team assigned just for you and your project. 

  4. Added bonus

    As we have many sub-divisions we are able to facilitate the following ourselves in house:

    • Design & Marketing aspects needed for your job (QuickMedia)
    • Deliveries and moving of stock (QuickDrop)
    • Any event planning and bar facilities needed (QuickBar)
    • Mobile diesel fill ups for generators or trucks (Quickfill)
    • All structural steel & steel plates (QuickSteel)